Core Values

The vision of Harvest of Nations is founded in 7 core values: Excellency, Integrity, Reachability, Equipment, Adaptability, Community Impact, Sustainability.




We are definitely not perfect, but we can strive to be better than who are, what we are, how we do things, …Everyone has the potential to become whoever they want to be and to achieve whatever goals they wish by the special grace of God.

As an organization we strive to be the best in whatever mandate bestowed upon us. Be it as motivator for other organizations, ministries or individuals; our aim is to pursuit godly excellence at all levels. This is not the pursuit of perfection, as only our God is perfect, but the pursuit of just being the best and bringing out the best in the people according to the will and purpose of our God. This is a striving for both spiritual and physical growth and improvement.

Harvest of Nations aim is to work in integrity according to the word of God. To walk and work at all times in all uprightness and in all honesty. This will be reflected in all our programs and projects.

Partnerships: this will be a very important value with which any future partnership will be measured. We also expect this code of conduct from all our members and future employees.

Stretching our hands to the people that seems far away from the society and/or God. By breaking barriers of isolation and uniting people and ministries in one common goal: the Love of Christ[i].

Also as an organization we want to be reachable to all people no matter the ethnicity. No one develops in isolation as no man or organization is an island.

Being reachable also means opening up to partnerships with like-minded organizations/associations.

With this value Harvest of Nations wants to equip both the organization, individuals, ministries and partners with the qualities necessary for performance, for improvement and for growth. Providing through trainings, seminars, coaching, events, etc. that will enable the participants or members to move to their next level in life[ii]. Also through conferences and crusades to empower people and ministries with the necessary tools for spiritual growth as is it written in Eph. 4:12[iii].

We live in a changing world both in technologies and otherwise. Harvest of Nations know that in order for any entity or individual to achieve that level of excellence or success, there must be the will or desire for change. The ability to adapt to changing surroundings or learn new skills to achieve the set goals. Being adaptable also means being dynamic, not staying at one level, but continually renewing to get to the next stage. This also means development: growing daily to attain the set goals of godly excellency.


Sustainability for Harvest of Nations simple means the ability to attain and maintain progress/growth in every area of life (spiritually & physically) indefinitely. We want to be good stewards and encourage good stewardships of the resources given to us in every area of life – ecological, economical, educational and spiritual.

Community Impact:
Using the acquired skills to sustain one’s life and family, to build up ministry through the acquired knowledge and through that knowledge sustain it in the future. For this to be effective the need for continual renewal, adaptation and the sincere desire for transformation must be there as stipulated in the above-mentioned values.

This in return benefits the community and society in general as more people become employable and are able to compete on the labor market and therefore contribute to the society. For the spiritual body of Christ, this brings about the increase of knowledge of God and help us walk in the footsteps of Christ by showing love to each other and by uniting us in the love of Christ as our God sustain us through His promises, abundant love and grace.[vi]