About Media

About Media:

o Harvest of Nations will be hosting TV programs like “Just Before you go to bed” to help spread the gospel and reach out to the unreachable. Through different media Harvest of Nations will evangelize the Gospel as this is one of the main aims of the organization. You shall the know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). True emancipation is the knowledge of truth and false, right and wrongs, good and bad.
o The use of all media channels will be exploited for the abovementioned purpose.
o Also, Harvest of Nations will help publish books, Bible, newsletters, …. as well as helping in the productions of good Christian music and films.

Employment facilitation:

o We want to increase the employability chances of individuals through training and seminars.
o Also through coaching on the labor market by intensifying our partnerships with organizations active in this field. Also by being a bridge between companies and job-seekers in our programs through the organization/co-hosting of job fairs.
o By employing people who will be spearheading the programs and projects of Harvest of Nations.


Harvest of Nations will be organizing conferences such as Solution Hour, The International Gathering of Warriors, Belgium of Jesus etc. to promote the spread of the gospel and bring the gospel to all people in the nation and beyond.